Are your solar panels clean and therefore efficient?

Why clean solar panels?

Eliminating dirt on solar panels is essential for the efficiency of you solar panels. Dirt dramatically reduces solar output and therefore, the profitability of your investment is impacted. Keeping your solar panels clean is an essential part of solar panel maintenance.

Yes, you can clean solar panels yourself, but please think that there are literally thousands of accidents every day, and according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, even some deaths have been associated with homeowners walking on roofs.

Our products and services in Queensland are endorsed by buildings authorities across Australia.

Photovoltaic panels are at the mercy of all the various types of weather and exposure to these results in build ups of dirt, dust, residue, pollution, algae, bird droppings and moss etc.

Dirt residues reduces the efficiency of solar panels and may actually damage the panels themselves, due to the delicate materials they are made from.

Cleaning is an essential part of the maintenance of solar panels, to protect against the environmental stresses. Industrial area may require more thorough maintenance than residential areas.

We clean solar panels in Queensland – Leave it to the solar panel cleaning professionals.

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Thanks Guys,

We are always very pleased with the work you do for us. I’ll pass your number on to our owners when requesting gutter cleans.

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